Meet-ups & Seminars

We offer monthly group discussions to assist singles in understanding the opposite sex and how to find an authentic partner. Several times a year we bring a COUPLES INTIMACY ENCOUNTER to the center. Join us for our weekly Guided Heart Meditation.

CONSCIOUMeet-upsS DATING Join us for a fun and insightful time. Delve into the mystery behind finding your authentic partner and avoiding the “DDD – Detrimental, Dramas of Dating.  Discovering your authentic dating style:  Knowing how you date, Identifying your social blocks, Expanding your own consciousness and genuine self.  How to recognize your authentic partner:  Kissing the frogs? Cultivate your dating insights, Recognizing your authentic partner, Avoiding the fixer-upper. Understanding “The Gender” dating differences:  What makes them tick. Decoding the dating language. See through the social masks. Balancing the male and female gifts. The mysteries of the couple connection. The fine art of intuitive flirting:  Learning to speak the language of love, Keeping it authentic, fine tuning the male and female energies of a couple.
$35 per person    Must RSVP for Attendance
TRIUMPH -YOU CAN HAVE TRUE HAPPINESS   We also offer a special night for those who are over coming bad relationships.  Are you currently in, or recovering from an abusive relationship?  Mental, emotional, or physical abuse (mild or intense) can leave you unable to trust yourself or others, or find a true loving relationship.  Regain your self worth, become the radiant self-reliant person you were meant to be. Heal your heart and move into a healthy new relationship. Join others in a safe, protected, loving space filled with healing energy.  
Women:  RSVP   $20
Men:  RSVP   $20
Couples Intimacy Encounter
“COUPLES INTIMACY ENCOUNTER’ is a day-and-a-half adventure for couples who are in a committed relationship, helping them to rekindle the flame of passion, and bring true intimacy to all areas of their relationship 24/7.
Do you want more PASSION, PLEASURE, and PURPOSE in your relationship? The “COUPLES INTIMACY ENCOUNTER” was born out of an awareness that so many couples who love each other found that their connection, the spark, had faded over time. After years of research listening to couples, it was time to address this challenge.
This experience became a reality with the candid input from a man, who gave me a real insight into the inner feelings of men. Make love not war – men and women are not in competition , they are a compliment to each other.
Care’n will guide you through the complex language of Female. She is a certified Life Couch, motivational speaker, Reiki Master Teacher, and massage therapist, using energy and touch in her healing sessions. She will bring years of experience working with people. Experience a joyful encounter with your partner that can easily be applied to your daily living. Give the gift that keeps on giving and reconnect on levels you never knew were possible.
We also have “male interpreter” – he speaks fluent “male” to guide you through the adventure of “female/male”, with honor and honesty. You can get a better understanding of each other, to be able to enjoy the passion, pleasure, and purpose in your relationship. 
Guided Heart Meditation
If you are accustomed to silent meditation, join us for a deep meditation that will transport us into the higher dimension of pure energy and unconditional love.  When you enter this sacred space that has been prepared for us, please leave the world outside. We will lead you into the meditation. Then we will sit in the divine silence, in a softly lit room, so each person can connect to their higher self and the divine source.  Holding the high frequency of the heart, we can have a positive effect raising the frequency of over 100 other people. Change happens one soul at a time.  “As above, so below.” As we give healing heart energy to assist the transformation of humanity, we also receive peace and healing and great insight into ourselves.  We will lead you back through guided mediation at the appropriate time. Please note that we can be silent for as long as an hour.
Join us every Tue at 7:45 PM     Love Offering Welcome      Call for Directions
If you have any question concerning therapies and pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you   480-250-1815


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