REIKI is a non-invasive therapy that helps restore the body to its natural order. It brings the deep state of relaxation, peace, and well-being. Many mainstream healthcare professionals now embrace the benefits that REIKI plays in enhancing the body’s ability to heal. Reiki Master Teacher Care’n was trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of natural healing. Lineage upon request.

● Gives you a feeling of peace and well-being, clears negativity
● Faster recovery from: MRI’S, Surgery, Injury
● Relieves pain from emotional challenges
● Restores your energy  

Long Distance Reiki

Hands-on Reiki

Sessions, Classes, & Attunements


REIKI SESSIONS        30 minutes        55 minutes

Special pricing for groups of three, six, or nine sessions  When the sessions are constant there is a greater and profound effect .

REIKI I                          ​One day training $100
Opens the flow of Reiki and attunes you to heal yourself, family and pets
REIKI II                         One day training $200
Dramatically increases your Reiki Energy and allows you heal the past and send Reiki to Future events
REIKI III                       One day training – $300
Takes you to the highest Power and a beginning in Self-Mastery

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. It is a gentle method of hands-on healing that brings in the energy known as KI in Japan, CHI in China, and PRANA in India. Reiki is based on the teachings of Mikao Usui. He began his teachings in the early twentieth century. Since it has been passed on through teachers who are attuned by a Reiki Master.

During a Reiki session most people simply lie comfortable on the table, fully clothed. This technique is so adaptable you can receive Reiki anywhere, sitting, lying, even in a hospital bed.
The practitioner places their hands over your head, shoulders, chest, stomach and limbs. There maybe a series of hand positions and/or the practitioner will more to where there is need of more energy. The universal energy flows, not from the practitioner, but through them. Reiki is not a religion, it does not interfere with anyone’s belief system. You always receive only what is needed to balance body, mind, and spirit.
Reiki is profound even though the process appears simple .Some people may feel a tingling, pulsing or feeling of warmth.  You may not be aware of any sensations. All are Reiki. However every one seems to enjoy a sense of calm and well-being. It is possible you may experience a powerful sensation or a release of emotions.
Hospitals, doctor offices, and clinics around the world are embracing the benefits of Reiki. Reiki compliments any medical treatment, psychological counseling or illness. Reiki is appropriate for anyone, in any state of health, Reiki can do no harm. Reiki is beneficial from conception to transformation.
Some clinical studies have shown that Reiki has improved the immune system, balances blood pressure, increases mobility in people with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, and fibromyalgia.
After surgeries people have had decreased need for pain meds, shorter hospital stays and have been very satisfied with pre and post-surgical Reiki sessions.
Reiki is healthful, and pleasurable. One of the many benefits is the gift of letting go, and enjoying being nurtured and cared for.
If you have any question concerning therapies and pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.   480-250-1815

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