S., Mesa, AZ

“I came to Care’n when my advanced melanoma was draining all my strength. I began receiving REIKI two times a week. This helped with the pain and increased my energy. It allowed me to lessen my medications (with my Dr.’s approval). The most incredible thing was that I was recharged and could live my life and complete what I wanted to do. Thank you.”

R.C., Mesa, AZ

“I have had many injuries, from sports, cars, and racing bicycles. Taking a crash at 40 m/h on a bike takes a toll. Care’n has used MASSAGE and REIKI on me and I was amazed that a firm gentle touch was so powerful.”

Dr. B., Phoenix, AZ

“I never experienced Reiki or massage before so I was very impressed when I came to Care’n. She is experienced and professional. I will only go to Care’n. for massage even if it is a 30 mile drive. She is worth it.”

D., Mesa, AZ

“I suffer from environmental allergies. I have tried many Dr.’s therapies to eliminate the pain and symptoms. I was so surprised to experience Reiki with Care’n. My life changed for the better. Thank you.”

S.R., Scotland

“I have received massages on three continents. Care’n offers the best massage I have ever received.”

C.J., Phoenix, AZ

“I have had several massages from renowned therapists all over the world. I have also had the privilege of taking part in several Reiki sessions and massages with Care’n. I can honestly say that she possesses the knowledge, experience, and Healing Power to make the most difference in my well-being than I have ever experienced.”

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